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Exclamation need confirmation

Hi matty, I need to ask something.

I have a VPS that I use as nameserver and webserver

My website on my VPS can't be accessed before.

I have registered my nameserver to my domain provider and assigns the domain nameserver to my nameserver. I waited for a week and it doesn't work

At first I think it's because my nameserver (in this case my VPS) have to be added in the global registry of my domain provider, according to some howto article. So I tried to contact my domain provider, but they say I must ask the VPS provider and the VPS provider says I must ask the domain provider.

Then, I also found out that in order to check the DNS is running and accessible, one should be able to telnet to the server IP at port 53. I tried this but can't connect.

After I read this thread, you suggest to change the parameter in named.conf.
I tried it and it works like a charm. My website can be accessed now.
What I want to ask is :
Is it OK to make this change? I mean secure or anything?

Because I followed the perfect server guide and the guide says nothing about this. The guide just put localhost or in the parameter

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