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Default Postfix not receive but send mail !!!

i have installed succesfully ispConfig 3.
I'm very happy...dns server, slave with mydnsconfig, synchro, etc...

I' have installed Postfix with Roundcube.
I' have unblocked my firewall ports (110,143,993,995) on my amazon elastic fox interface.
I'm able to send correctly all mail but i not receive from any host.

I'have correctely configured DNS service on MX field and the dig command point to correct IP address.

I note that in the default folder of COURIER DAEMON any mail is present:


and in the log any message of error is present and any mail return to sender.

I try to sen mail from QMAIL server (my other server with plesk) and the mail return with this message:

"This address no longer accepts mail"

I do not understand what's the problem....postfix configuration ? IspConfig? Roundcube? Courier daemon conlict ?

I use imapd and pop3d both ? But interest is only for pop3.

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