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Default Solution?

Im not sure if ISPConfig had anything at all to do with proftpd running or not. This is what I recently did and how I think things might have gotten fixed.

Before I noticed that PROFTPD was running I ...

I cleanned up my /ETC/HOSTS file. I didn't have defined as localhost
I don't thing this is what fixed it, but who knows???
After this I restarted SYSLOGD the daemon.
I had not restarted the daemon since fixing a typo in my /ETC/HOSTS file about a month ago. I think there might have been and DNS conflict when PROFTPD tried to start and there was no setting in the hosts file for the domain in memory
Hope this helps anyone.
ALSO, THANKS YOU FALCO for being patient with me...! I LOVE ISPCONFIG!
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