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Question Problems connecting my HTC Desire outgoing mail client to Postfix and ISP Config 2

I am having problems connecting my phones email client in the HTC Desire outgoing SMTP mail client.

It just wont connect, will with my mailbox though logs in fine when using that but fails for the outgoing, I am running an old centos distribution centos 4.8 and using ispconfig 2 like it said in the tutorials, the email servers acting fine can connect to it from work and at home just not by my phone, what could be the problem do you think?

I mean I will list the details I have entered (missing out a few for security as usual):

Username (setup when using this domain as a user on the shell commandline).

Password (same as above, created and works fine for the incoming mail POP3)

Security type: None (as I havent got it working either with any other so I thought it cant be that, could it?)

Server port: 25 (port I use when I want to test it from work, sending emails out using that server, that works, so why doesnt my phone?)

Can someone help? I'm clueless as to why this isnt working and its starting to really annoy me to no end, please any advice or help is greatly appreciated as usual.

Kind regards and I look forward to any replies in advance
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