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Default logs

Here is an extract from the logs when I try to locally log in with pureftp.
I only just noticed that there is a message about the SQL server being down, yet I can
manually connect to the sql database using mysql -p xxx
>use dbispconfig
>select * from ftp_user;
this displays the table

Why is pureftp trying to log in as root, the mysql.conf specifies ispconfig as the user?

Jul 3 12:46:15 maggie pure-ftpd: (?@localhost) [INFO] New connection from localhost
Jul 3 12:46:25 maggie pure-ftpd: (?@localhost) [ERROR] The SQL server seems to be down [Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)]
Jul 3 12:46:25 maggie pure-ftpd: (?@localhost) [INFO] PAM_RHOST enabled. Getting the peer address
Jul 3 12:46:33 maggie pure-ftpd: (?@localhost) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [testdave]
Jul 3 12:46:35 maggie pure-ftpd: (?@localhost) [INFO] Logout.
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