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I actually signed up to Hetzner last week and decided I was fed up with paying out every month for Cpanel as I have done for the last three years on my old server.

After looking around we quite liked the look of Kloxo and decided to install the 64 bit version but it was a big mistake. Kloxo looks good on paper but the 64 bit version isn't ready for prime time and I know the server manager was very disappointed. I am as well because we have lost five days battling with various problems!

Earlier today we took a joint decision to install ISPconfig 3 and it looks much more stable so I am pretty sure we will be up and running within a day. Regarding Hetzner yes I do think they should offer more options and I'd be happy to fire off an email suggesting they include ISPconfig 3, even though I've already found a bug and I need to have a look now at the tasklist to see if it has been mentioned before.
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