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Originally Posted by till View Post
You can restrict the access to the database to the IP of the web server by entering the IP address of the webserver(s) that shall be able to access this database into the "Remote Access IP's" field.
Sure, I know. I implemented this.

Originally Posted by till View Post
For performance reasons, I recommend that you run the database locally on the same server then the websites. In that case, the sites can connect to mysql trogh a local server socket instaed of tcpip which is faster and need less resources.
Agreed, but in this case one (or more) separate db server(s) is/are needed. So the question is if you think it would be a good idea to integrate into the core.
Maybe the clientdb plugin could have a hook that is called on every db / website update and automatically adds db rights for the web server(s)? In multiserver setup only - of course.
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