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That is no joomla component. It's the regular signup files.

Joomla Components require an xml file & stuff.

Perhaps you can update the link if you really have written an ISPConfig-Remoting Package like Drupal developers have done.

Thanks, & let me know!

Originally Posted by sirphunk View Post
It's just for Joomla, because the script is getting the username and email adress from the cms.

I will upload the script when i am at home.

Here is the Joomla Component. I've tested it in my Joomla 1.5:

At the moment i am working on adding support for "web_httpd_include". For that to work i have to modify the Remoting Framework. When i am finished with it and it is working, i will release it here.

[EDIT 2]
I've added support to handel the web_httpd_include to the Remoting Framework. With this feature enabled it is possible to add Force Ads to newly registered users. For those who are paying, you can remove the httpd_include inside the Web (Apache directive) and the Ads are gone! Download the modified Framework here:
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