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I guess I know what the problem is. the email accounts are not created by ispconfig on the master, thats why they get deleted only on the slaves. the problem is that postfix on the master has access to all records for all mail servers, so it accepts the emails for the slave as well end then creates a maildir for them. This happens as we had to modify the sql queries in the postfix files to add mirroring support.

To fix this, open the files in /etc/postfix (only on the master), each of the files contains a condition string like this:

additional_conditions = and type = 'client' and active = 'y'

at the end of the condition strings, you will have to add a condition that restricts the query to the master server ID, so that it looks like this:

additional_conditions = and type = 'client' and active = 'y' and server_id = 1

(I assume here that you master has the server_id 1, which sould be the case in almost all setups).

Then restart postfix.

Please file a bugreport for this.
Till Brehm
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