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ok following your how to -How_To_Set_Up_Software_RAID1_On_A_Running_LVM_Syst em_(Incl__GRUB2_Configuration)_(Ubuntu_10_04)
I loaded my system initially on sdb so the instructions were just reversed.

On page 25
Now we reboot the system and hope (pray)that it boots ok from our RAID arrays:
once rebooted got the following error

error:file not found
error:you need to load the kernel first
failed to boot both defaults & fallback entries
Press any key to continue

I tried putting in the Unbunttu 10.04 boot disk and tried a rescue, but I was not sure what to do and went thru and got to a shell and then exited as I did not know what to edit?
Help looks like I might be reloading system again for the 5 or 6 th time

thanks really do appreciate all your help.
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