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Default Same maildomain on master and slave server

This afternoon i did some tests.
I created some mail domains on several ISPConfig3 slave servers. I did that from the ISPConfig3 panel on the master server.

Every time and ons every single ISPConfig3 slave server, the mail domains and the mailboxes in it where created correctly.

The problem is that these maildomains and mailboxes where ALSO created on the master ISPConfig3 server, which is NOT correct!

When i delete the maildomain in ISPConfig3 again, ONLY the maildomains on the ISPConfig3 slave servers where deleted. NOT the ones on the ISPConfig3 master server, which i don't understand either.

I'm using ISPConfig3 since version in a production environment and never had this problem before. I'm sure it started since i use ISPConfig so i think it's a bug in ISPConfig

Can you please have a look at it and can anyone out there confirm if they have the same problem?

If so, i will report my problem as a bug in the bugtracker.

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