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Well good mornign everyone, ok well its morning here! hehe
So this morning I checked and guess what, the www is working! Yahoo!!

however going to just the or stopped working.. I read a post earlier about this I think, and I think the solution was to add a .htaccess file to sites web dir? am I close on this one? and if so then I'm going to assume you cant have both working with a record settings?
if someone has time, would you look over these record settings and tell me if I have them all correct? I'd really appricate it, and for info purposes for checking them:
My ISP IP is my routers IP is
I have my server set to with eth0:0 0:1 0:2 etc with ip range from to 154 - I set the web sites IP's to diffrent local IP's so I can access them locally from a LAN machine. Anyways heres the way I setup the records:

A 0
A mail 0
A www 0
MX 10
NS 0
NS 0

The reason I ask is because now it wont go to the web site it goes to "It Works!" only.
could this be because I changed the Site IP to a diffrent IP? but is still set to the servers IP I dunno maybe its not done propagating, if someone could let me know I'd appricae it.. anyone.. YES YOU! lol you dont have to be a moderator to say hi looks good, or hi your a dork you got it wrong LOL ..

Have a good one everyone and thanks again to all that have offered up some advise!
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