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Default ISPConfig3 | Welcome message has been sent to the wrong host

In ISPConfig3 in a multiserver environment, "" has been defined as the default mailserver for a client.
That client has also a maildomain on "" instead on the default mailserver.

After creating a mailbox/email address for the client on, the "Welcome to your email account from ISPConfig3" has not been sent to the mailbox on
ISPConfig3 sents it to the default mailserver of the client instead.

I've also noticed that the client can login with RoundCube with his new email account on AND as well.
Then i found out that the "Welcome to your email account from ISPConfig3" has been sent to his account on and not as it should be. (The mailbox is in the vmail directory on host, which is correct)

My two questions are:
- Why is the client able to logon on AND (with the same email account)
- Why sents ISPConfig3 the Welcome email to the wrong host.

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