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yes I registered dbldogdareya - .com .net .info etc..
yes I registered roziesplace - .com .net .info etc..

I made my primary nameserver domain so i had
NS1 and NS2 created as well as hosts for IPv6 that points to my public IP.

It was in the tutorial create your own nameservers on

I then went in to all the .com .info etc and set there nameservers to
NS1.dbldogdareya.NET and NS2.dbldogdareya.NET and now I've
got my server setup as to be a nameserver hosting system
for everything else.

Eventually I will setup another sysem to be the backup NS2.dbldogdareya.NET as soon as I undersand how this one works. So far I'm getting it slowly, but learning... eventually I want to buy a bank of IP's and setup hosting solutions for the public. (Long way to go yet hehehe)

So so far everything is working, except I still can not get to www.dbldog and www.rozies but can still get to them without the www, figured I'd wait a while and see if they just need to propagate. that is pretty nifty for seeing your errors.

just as I got the email that you responded back I had just finished editing my last post, to include the errors at

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