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Default rut roh

ok took out the www. and made it www as well as the mail. to mail
I was reading on sme other posts and seen some screen shots so
I added the NS records, hows this look:

A 0
A mail 0
A www 0
MX 10
NS 0
NS 0

At first I made 2 NS records and made them

But then this poster had a problem and said the fix was not to use NS NS
but to make it NS

DO they need to have (.)'s after them also?

I also went to and and
came back with a few errors, as well as still showing as for the www
IE: down at the bottom in the WWW section, dunno why this is I deleted all the DNS records and started over, maybe they need to propagate i dunno..
but here is a copy of it:
WWW - WWW A Record - Your A record is: [] <-- I dont get this
IPs are public OK. All of your WWW IPs appear to be public IPs.

THANKS again, I dont think I can say thank you enough to everyone that is assisting me..

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