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Default Awsome! Almost there!

THANK YOU! BorderAmigos and Till

almost there, been messing with this, and You know I've seen so many posts about the (.) DOH! and I changed the IPs in the A Records to the routers
outside IP and VIOLA! I was able to get to and

I cant get to www. tho I went in to sites and changed to auto sub domain from none to *. and www. and no go.

I have A records now as follows:

A mail. 0
A 0
A www. 0
MX 10

thats all I have in them both. no more local IP hehe

BTW once I add a DNS to my server is it live? or does it take a while for it to propagate? am I doing changes and trying to make it work instantly when I have to wait a while for the changes to take affect?

and again thanks loads for pointing out the little mistakes...

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