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Ok I am still having a problem with mail, I can send mail fine no problems, but getting mail in is still not working, and I think its something I have done with the dns settings.

With the company I have registered my domains with I get free DNS management, so if anything what should I do with this, at the moment I have two a records one for www and one for mail, I then set the mx records to go to - this is all with the company I have registered with.

1) So I am thinking that this is wrong and all I should do is change the nameserver settings for each of my domain names to point to my ispconfig server.

2) so as per falkos single post I should leave one of my domain names dns settings with third party and set up nameserver a record entries and then the only settings I will need to change for all other domains is to set the nameserver to which has been set to my ispconfig server address.

3) So I will leave the mail settings on the third party totally alone and not set them to anything.

4) the MX records created on my ispconfig server are and www is under the hostname.... is this right. after looking on the demo site there is no www under the hostname. So should I create a a record entry for mail or something.... this is where I am starting to get lost... any help would be good... THANKS
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