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thanks a lot for your reply!

I have just tried it out:
I can change the settings for a domain (as DomainOwner), but as soon as I click "Save", I get no error at all, my changes are simply not saved...
Shouldn't the SelectBoxes and TextAreas be "disabled" if I cannot change them anyway?

Regarding the permissions:
I can set certain rights for the client (e.g. PHP-Settings, Amount of DBs, etc.) but how are those related to a domain?
A customer has two domains, one is the expensive hosting-plan which includes PHP and has 5 DBs, the other one is cheap and just has 5 MB File-Hosting, no scripting languages at all.
How would I set the client up, so that he can, for example switch PHP ON/OFF for the expensive domain and cannot change anything regarding scripting for the other domain?

Don't get my wrong, ISPConfig so far seems great, we just want to know how we can get our current settings/workflows done with it ;-)

Thanks and best regards,

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