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Lightbulb Multiserver Database access

Hi folks

Multiserver setup, 1 database server, 1 webserver, 1 ispc mainhost with mailserver, dns and so on.
The webserver is not configured as a database server in ispc.
If a user creates a database now and disables remote access, will the ip of his assigned ispc web server(s) automatically added to the remote access ip list?
If not (and that's what I think it is like) he could not access the database from his web-scripts unless he enables remote access (with at least the web server's ip) himself, right?

So my question: Is this feature already on someone's to do list? Or maybe do you think it is not worth being integrated?
It would not be a small task I think as all web servers the client has websites on had to be taken into account at every database server the client has a database on. So privilegues would have to be updated on every database change and every website change.
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