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Originally Posted by till View Post
But then I dont understand your complaint:

Custom themes never get overwritten. The only things that get overwritten are ispconfig core files. But you can not improve a software if you do not change the core sources. And changed source files have to be written on a update.

For customisations, ispconfig has a lot of areas which dont get ovewritten:

- Custom Theme files
- Custom Server configuration file templates
- Server plugins
- The event based interface plugins.
Just one question I was working on some little customizing myself nothing big,
I have just copied the default theme Dir. and added my own logo and favicon.
(of course left the powered by ispconfig were it is I am proud to use it)

So if I name this Dir, mytheme and put this beside the default one It won't get deleted upon a update.
Updating my server to Debian Squeeze, so here I go again...
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