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Okay I found something out...I can get mail in hotmail when i address to multiple people in a field like to or cc but ONLY as long as the hotmail address is not last and here is why.

I found in AOL mail & hotmail looking at the headers of message's sent from my ISPConfig's webmail that it is putting quotes and added to the end of the last email address in the address field.

here is an example of one that i got in hotmail because the hotmail address was not the last address:


From : Shane O'Neill <shane@*******.com>
Reply-To : "Shane O'Neill" <shane@*******.com>
Sent : Tuesday, April 18, 2006 5:13 AM
TO: *****, "*****"@on****
Subject : webmail sent tuesday! test 2

If you notice in bold it puts in quotes and adds my servers domain to the last address.
What is causing this???
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