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There are two types of limitations
1) hide a complete module for a client (if he can't see the module dns, he can't change anything) -> this is done under system -> edit user (the warning means not to change the username or the password)
2) set the number of a limitation -> this is done under User->edit client templates (here you can set the limitations and give them a name) and under client -> edit clients (here you can select a master template for limitation of the user. select a master-template ans click at save. if you come back, the restrictions of the master-template are submitted to the client. you can also edit additional templates (set all to 0 and only e-Mail to 5 and name it "+5 E-Mails". if you then add the additional tempalte to the master the number of email = limitation master-template + limitation additional template). so you can create a master called "web light", "web std" "web business" and if you neet "web light + 10 E-Mail" then select the master "web light" and add TWO times +5 E-Mails

Hope, this helps

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