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Originally Posted by admins View Post
Remove DKIM, remove SPF and correct your envirement.
After this work yahoo don't mark you as spam?
Hi Admins, thanks for your reply.
Before I tried using DKIM, I just rely on PTR records.
I try to send email from my google account, and can be received properly without any spam headers. But when sending emails from yahoo accounts, received email deemed as spam.
Then I tried to add the SPF record "v = spf1 a mx -all", but the results obtained from the same as before. Because of this problem, I try DKIM implementation.
And what do you mean with correct my environment? can you more specify with more detail please?

Originally Posted by admins View Post
Did you checked your IPs in blacklist?

Yeah, I've checked the server IP address from this website, and the results is clean.

I wish to ask you, why do you suggest for not using DKIM? Is this not a good method to solve this problem?
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