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Default PHP Doesn't run when using rsync on mirror


I have server A running lenny and server B set as a mirror.

I'm using rsync to copy all content.

Static content will serve fine on the mirror, but my joomla sites don't work correctly on server B.

I get this message:

Fatal error: Class 'JError' not found in /var/www/clients/client3/web21/web/libraries/joomla/factory.php on line 564I've eliminated database issues as this is before any attempts to connect to a database have been raised. I've literally just copied the installation files for test purposes which rsync then copies to server B and produces the above error.

It doesn't seem to be a PHP problem through and through as I've also beat rsync and copied the files there manually and everything works fine on server B.

So the question is, why does it not like the files that rsync copies, but handles the files I've copied as root just fine?

How do I overcome this please?
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