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Dear Falko, thank you very much - if I add my Russian-language domain IDN-encoded (in punicode), it indeed works!


The problem is that I have to manually edit /etc/apache2/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf (the server's Debian Lenny) - because the ISPConfig panel doesn't allow to add IDN-encoded names in full - that is, it's OK to add such names before the final two-letter code of the domain, but I can't add "xn--p1ai" (which stands for "rf" - when written in Russian).

Apparently, the panel performs a check to see if the domain zone is correctly entered - and it believes "xn--p1ai" to be incorrect...

As you realize, the problem with manually editing of the vhosts file is that it is re-written every time a change is made via the panel...

So I wonder if it's possible to make the ISPConfig panel bypass this check or (still better) make it consider the zones starting with "xn--" as correct ones?

Thanks again for your great help!
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