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Question Split Setup Services (MySQL, Mail, ...) On Different Servers


I am totaly new to ISP Config but what i've seen so far is really fantastic. Before i start with my own test setup i would like to take my chance and ask a few questions about ISP Config and how to accomplish this setup i have in mind.

Since ISPC 3 can manage serval servers from one interface, i like to split it up from the beginning. I would like to have one server that only runs my interface on port 80 as a website like "" so anyone can access it very easy.

Now i would like to setup 2 web-, 1 MySQL- and 1 Server that provides all the E-Mail and DNS stuff. Of course all the services on it's own hardware (Web(s), MySQL and DNS + E-Mail).

So far i am not sure if ISPC 3 is supporting all my "dreams". I just found some info about how to add another server but not how to split up like i would prefer.

Any chance you guys could post me some details about how or if it is even possible?

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