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Default Can't empty recicle bin

ISPConfig 2.2.1 / FedoraCore4


I had two co-domains: and

I deleted them both. Recycle bin is cleared. EVERYWHERE.

in DNS records, I just can't clear records for those two subdomains?
When I click at empty reciclebyn it looks like everything is going to be fine (deleted), but when I check it once again, the records for both are there?


I can restore them.
I can delete them.
But I can not clear them from recycle bin ?

I am wainting more than minimum 1 minute or so before I try to emty recycle bin.
I am awaiting 10+ minutes.
Search function didn't found any: or

I also have problem with adding MX record for another domain:

System keeps me informing that:
This or a similar MX Record does already exist in this zone.

And there is no similiar zone (anything with in any DNS zone? Recycle bin is empty.

I am logging only as admin. I didn't touched any conf file database etc. manually. Recently I upgraded to 2.21 ISPConfig
Nenad Bulatovic
Debian Lenny & ISPConfig 3

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