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Originally Posted by Rapid2214 View Post
By this are you impling that external sites are slow?
The most probable reason would be the proxy, try take that out the equation and see what you get.

Good luck :D

I could not understand your point completely.
The people on internet will be able to access my website when in browser they type

above is just a dummy name.

The site is hosted internally on a webserver.
Any how I will give some more information after posting here I tried some thing

After reading this page

I added in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf on Server B (CentOS Guest OS)
<IfDefine RequestTime>
     Header set X-Request-Received: %t
     Header set X-Request-Processing-Time: %D
I am able to see some response log. in /var/log/httpd/site-in-question-resp
Now tell me what should I post

Code: 3062 403 5043 2826 403 5043
What does this tell me ?
What more should I do to check it and how can I over come this problem?
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