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Default I need help to debug a slow website

Hi,I am running a website behind a reverse proxy in following environment.

 Server A --------------------Server B (site running eduCommons on Plone)
(running apache reverse        (back end server)
Server A and B are on same physical machine.
B is a guest Operating System on A.

Operating System on Server B is CentOS 5.5
Operating System on Server A is Ubuntu 10.04
eduCommons is a content management system.
You check about it here.

recorded the website loading time in the Chrome developer tools time line section and
based on what I observed

following page elements take more than 100 ms on the website
jquery checks
113 ms


like this there are some more css and page elements which have taken
100ms or 200ms in their GET request from server.

on this link
they mentioned what Google has defined as a slow website following
words are mentioned.

"Google has made it clear that any process that takes more than 100
milliseconds (1/10 of a second) is too long"

So that means the website is slow.

In fact I have asked a few people to access the website on internet and they too reported the same.

In a step by step way then to debug the problem I did following

1) The site was loading slowly
(Some page elements showed 411ms in Google Developer tools snapshot here)
2) From my laptop checked

( got a few page elements 211 ms and one was 770 ms a snapshot for the 700 ms attached here)

3) Then to check if the site is loading slow on CentOS server itself I did

ssh -L 8080:localhost:8080 root@

4) Then from my laptop when above ssh connection on step 3 was alive

and saw a page element loading at 411 ms.

If I am not wrong then by step 4 it is confirming that site is slow on server itself.

I enabled %D in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
LogFormat "%a %D %>s %B" resp
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/site_in_question-resp_log resp
but after hitting the website from different ISPs I saw there was no log in
/var/log/httpd/site_in_question-resp_log resp
as expected.
I thought that it might be permission so it I changed
chown apache:apache /var/log/httpd/site_in_question-resp_log
I did in vhost configuration of file on CentOS Guest OS on Ubuntu Server 10.04

On the other hand I tried to do the same on reverse proxy server
and then apache failed to restart.
Upon checking I found
a2enmod mod_log_config
ERROR: Module mod_log_config does not exist!
Searched but any thing fruitful did not came.
As per your apache documentation page I searched for this file
find / -name mod_log_config.c
but it was not there.

I would like to clear that the server is not running any thing other than eduCommons .
The server on which I am running it is physically mine.
8 GB RAM ,500 G hard disk and more than 256 kbps bandwidth.

What more should I do to check it and how can I over come this problem?
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