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Default Moron's Backup Script ISPConfig 2

I have backup'ed up and sucessfully re-created servers with this scrips or like skipt a few times now

Note on restore:
The most difficult part is to sort out the /etc/passwd and /etc/group after - basically the proscess is as follow
pwunconv to get the passwords in the passwd file and same with grpunconv
then merge the old file by copy-paste or remove the system users and groups from the source and append it. Carefull with group users.

I copied my wiki file here - to lazy to convert to bb enjoy. Additionally I install backuppc and use a cron to daily transfer the backedup data to a UBS extranal drive

Make Crontab entry
crontab -e
45 23 * * * /root/make-backup

===vi /usr/bin/make-backup===
find /root/ispconfig > /root/backup-files
find /home/admispconfig >> /root/backup-files
find /etc >> /root/backup-files
find /var/www >> /root/backup-files
find /var/backups >> /root/backup-files

DATE=`date +%Y-%A`
# echo $date

for i in $(echo 'SHOW DATABASES;' | mysql -u$USER -p$PASSWORD -h$HOST|grep -v '^Database$'); do
mysqldump \
-Q -c -C --add-drop-table --add-locks --quick --lock-tables \
$i > /home/backup/$BACKUPNAME-$i.sql;

tar cvzf /home/backup/$BACKUPNAME"-backup.tar.gz" --files-from=/root/backup-files --no-recursion
/usr/bin/scp /home/backup/$BACKUPNAME* $DESTINATION:/home/backup/
rm /root/backup-files</pre>

==fix the passwd file==
rename the backed-up ''passwd'', ''group'', ''shadow'' and ''gshadow'' file(s) to something like ''passwd.old'' etc.
remove the "system" users and make sure you syncronise them in the passwd/shadow as well as the group/gshadow.
If you stil have the old system runnig use ''pwunconv'' and ''grpunconv'' commands and then the shadow filew are merged into he ''passwd'' and ''group'' files, this make it lot easier to edit and remove all "non-ispconfig" users and groups.
Once done then use commands like
cat passwd.old >> /etc/passwd
cat group.old >> /etc/group
Incase you used ''pwunconv'' and ''groupunconv'' you need to use ''pwconv'' and ''grpconv'' to create new shado files
you can test the files and delete / repair them using the command
Read carefull and answer the questions if any. ignore the "missing" home directories this will be installed later
==restore the /home & /var directory==
cd /tmp
mv /tmp/var /var
do the same with all backup directories ypou want to restore

'''Caution:''' when restoring /etc it can have extremely bad results!

==import mysql data==
Once you have the .sql files available
mysql -u root -p
then create the databases one by one
create database yoursqldatabase;
Quit from mysql and start copy the sql dump files intot he databases
mysql -u root -p -e "source /home/backup/servername-date-Friday-db_ispconfig.sql" db_ispconfig

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