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Default RAID running/Directories

OK, apologies for the overlap--I know this isn't the ISPconfig forum, but since this started here.... Also for my complete ignorance.

So, I have the RAID setup on both the boot disk and the data disk with Lucid installed. However, I think the install defaulted to using dmraid instead of mdadm. I know that mdadm by all accounts is preferable to dmraid--how can I tell which is used? If it is dmraid can I use your guide to change over to mdadm--or am I a complete idiot and misconstruing everything?

Second question. When I installed, I configured the DATA array to have the /home directory essentially out of--my ignorant--attempt to make sure that the FTP directories, e-mail database, etc were created on the larger data drive when I installed ISPconfig. So, assuming this was completely noobed-up what should I do to ensure that the databases, FTP, emal, etc.,. end up on the larger data array? Do I have to install and then move particular directories? What/how settings do I have to change assuming this is the case?

thanks much for your help.

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