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Originally Posted by till View Post
That depends on how you work with a open source project. mike_p for example works actively with the ispconfig project and commits his changes and fixes back to the source tree. You decided to work only on your own without contributing to the ispconfig project, so your chnages does not go into the ispconfig sources and thats why you have ptoblems with overwritten files.
Well my work doesn't involve changing ispc3, hence why i only created the theme in a way which doesn't require making changes to ispc3 code and only the postfix i had issues because i have changes I needed, nothing wrong with that and that's not part of ispc3.
The same with my awstats plugin, it's a plugin which doesn't interfere with ispc3. So I really don't get your point.
I like to throw changes and ideas into the air and those who want to catch it can, if someone wants to take my idea and improve on it, then even better. I try what i can for the community with the little time i have. That's why if you check my theme code you'll notice it's not 100% themed and only the main parts and a lot of missing icons.
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