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You're right, I was looking at the wrong file. Local vs. on the server. And there is one additional change...
So that part of datalogSave() contains
		if($diff_num > 0) {
			$diffstr = $this->quote(serialize($diffrec_full));
			$username = $this->quote($_SESSION["s"]["user"]["username"]);
			$dbidx = $primary_field.":".$primary_id;
			if($action == 'INSERT') $action = 'i';
			if($action == 'UPDATE') $action = 'u';
			if($action == 'DELETE') $action = 'd';
			$sql = "INSERT INTO sys_datalog (dbtable,dbidx,server_id,action,tstamp,user,data) VALUES ('".$db_table."','$dbidx','$server_id','$action','".time()."','$username','$diffstr')";
With only the three
locations changed to
it appears to work now as far as putting the values in the database.

The mail filters do not show as active in ISPConfig 3 interface though, the 'active' column in the table is all 'y'.
__________________, ISPConfig 3, Debian.

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