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// Note: These includes and their ancestor directories needed 755 permissions
No, do do this or you open up your system for hackers! Please restore the permissions on your system. The permissions must stay as they are. You have to execute your script as root or ispconfig to be able to include the files.

Regarding your script, you missed a few () and also you missed to quote the content:

$insert_data = "(content_filter_id,sys_userid,sys_groupid,sys_perm_user,sys_perm_group,sys_perm_other,server_id,type,pattern,data,action,active)";
	$insert_data .= " values ";
	$insert_data .= "('$dVal[0]','$dVal[1]','$dVal[2]','$dVal[3]','$dVal[4]','$dVal[5]','$dVal[6]','$dVal[7]','$dVal[8]','$dVal[9]','$dVal[10]','$dVal[11]')";
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