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Originally Posted by krishol
just few days back i created 2 email under my domain ie. and now i can log on using these un and pw. but today i created another email under my domain ( Space and no. of user is assigned accordingly ). also user ( which i have created today) can be seen under user and email tab. but the problem is " when i try to login using the email which i have created previously can be logged in but the user which i have created today can not logged in...
but still when i try to logon FTP using todays' user can be logged in....
really i am wondering.........
i m so confused.... plz help me.... what is this problem......
Any error messages? What's in your mail log?

Originally Posted by krishol
It resides and can be seen on /var/mail but doesn't come on inbox.
What POP3/IMAP daemon do you use? If you use something like Courier or dovecot, then you must enable Maildir under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Email.
Please post the output of
netstat -tap
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