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Default Chance 1 nameserver, will I lose my connection?

First off all I hope I am in the right forum if not please forgive me.

I am moving my server setup from my home to a datacenter. No problem here (I hope).
I have at the moment setup my nameservers with dyndns so they are &

Now with my new server I want to use my own primary nameserver as explained in this howto.

So here finally my question: If I am going to chance the nameserver at dyndns to wil I lose my connection for a wile or as I suspect and hoping will the site be reachable by the second nameserver witch is still

So basically what I am guessing is that as long I have one nameserver up and running I can chance the other one and keep the connection to the sites up.

Updating my server to Debian Squeeze, so here I go again...
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