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Originally Posted by Mark_NL View Post
Ehm, i think you didn't, because that link shows you how you can create
"Postfix virtual MAILBOX example: separate domains, non-UNIX accounts" that one describes static external file usage for vmailboxes and domain's .. not the user authentication, though it should've brought you half way there ..

only trying to help you dude .. it only took me 2-3 minutes on google to find a how-to that described exactly how to config postfix to use file based user / pass / email and with virtual maildir's .. though your attitude makes it hard for me to press CTRL-V now ..
Sorry Mark, please don't misunderstand me, I didn't want to misbehave, I know that you want to help me, and I'm very thankful for your efforts, but maybe because of that the English isn't my language that made you to misunderstand me, So please if you can help, please help.
thanks again, and I'm sorry again.
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