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Originally Posted by dipeshmehta View Post
Hello All,

Although the script is working fine, I have some problem backing up few home folders. Some of users' home folders' have '_' in their names. It has been clearly mentioned in the headers of the script that, '...Weird things can happen if your backup dirs includes the "-" or "_" chars.' I cannot change names of these folders now. If possible, please guide me to solve the problem.

You have to replace those characters, which are "hardcoded" in the script. Begin reading the code with the line: "#Replace / with _ in dir name => filename" I hope you will understand what's going on. Choose another character to replace "/" and if it's a smarter choice write here so we can update the script to help other people too.

If you need more help write here. I'll read this forum more often these days to help you if you need.
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