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May I join you with the same question. I'm running fail2ban 0.8.3 on debian lenny on a vserver at an external hoster. Do I have to specify my mail-address also at an other place than fail2ban to get it working? At present the mail address is specified together with the only one active filter criteria in jail.conf:

enabled  = true
filter   = asterisk
action   = hostsdeny[name=ASTERISK, protocol=all]
           mail-whois[name=ASTERISK,, sender=Me@My2ndDomain]
logpath  = /var/log/asterisk/messages
maxretry = 5
bantime = 259200
Both of the two mail-addresses are valid ones.

The results I get are
2010-05-22 11:57:10,435 fail2ban.actions.action: ERROR printf %b "Hi,\n
The jail ASTERISK has been started successfully.\n
Fail2Ban"|mail -s "[Fail2Ban] ASTERISK: started" returned 7f00
2010-05-22 16:04:09,130 fail2ban.actions.action: ERROR  printf %b "Hi,\n
The IP has just been banned by Fail2Ban after
11 attempts against ASTERISK.\n\n
Here are more information about\n
Fail2Ban"|mail -s "[Fail2Ban] ASTERISK: banned" returned 7f00
Do you have any suggestions on how to get the mail-message working? Thanks.

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