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Default How To Perfect ISP Setup

The test domain and server went away ( ) After all the work I did, the "loaner" went bye-bye. So, I took the plunge, got my colo box setup and have installed everything with the exception of ISPConfig (which is working great so far, thanks alot for the GREAT tutorial !!!)
I'm wondering if ISPConfig will aid me in what I need to accomplish for this server...

Basically, I have 2 or three web sites that I need to setup here, each with it's own IP address. I'd also like to setup virtual hosts under each of the websites, such that I can have a development home for each of the production sites (for upgrades, testing, etc).
This is what I'd like to do -

Main server:
IP 111.222.333.100
Mail server:

111.222.333.101 =
(virtual host) myfirstsite,dev
111.222.333.102 =
(virtual host) mysecondsite,dev

It seems that ispconfig offers support for all of this... but I'm not sure about maintaining this package, since it isn't offered in any of the repo's of Ubuntu...

Can you offer any suggestions, or should I just forge ahead?
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