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Originally Posted by hastlaug
1) He buys his domain somewhere else, and the isp where he buys the domain has to take care that the domain is redirected correctly. No work for you.
If that was that easy..

Originally Posted by hastlaug
2) He buys the domain somewhere and the ip points to your server. In this case you have to enter it on your server. That's possible with ISPConfig, just enter it als Co-Domain and forward it to the wanted subdirectory
How multi forums work: you have 1 base forum installation and each user that registers, you simply create new tables for that user. All users use THE SAME forum installation/engine!! There are NO subfolders or linux accounts created for each user. That is why i have a problem with it.. and there has to be a way around for this!

For example:

All this 4 users have their own forum with their own topics/posts but they all use 1 forum engine/base and each user has their own tables in DB. So when users for example visits, using PHP file, you load their tables that have prefix user3_.. with all user3 settings, topics and other stuff, when someone visits, user2_... tables are loaded..

Now if user3 buys a domain name, they would access their forum ( with their own domain name while would still be functional.

Sorry if i'm bad with explaining, english not my main language and sometimes i have problems explaining what i want..

Oh and if you guys know a better way doing this so that using domain names with ISPConfig installed, please do tell as i haven't started writting this script yet. Still in my head only

One way would be of course, creating subfolders for each user like you said, putting 1 php file there that would load the tables and in ISPConfig, point that domain name to that subfolder. Would there be a problem if for example i would have 2.000 subfolders, each containing 1 php file? If this is not the problem, i think we have a solution here.
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