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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Yes, you understand me completely.

On an ISPConfig 3 server, the username for the mailbox is the same as the e-mailaddress.
To logon succesfully, we need 3 things:

- user name (
- password
- server name

Until now, i use the default dropdown menu to select the right server name, as i do not know how tweak RoundCube, so that the right server is selected automaticly.

If you are able to do that, it would be great!
As we are in progress of evaluating to switch from ISPConfig 2 to V3 it sure will be a thing I will look into, as we are happy users of your last RoundCube Package for v2 for a long time, Hans. Thanks for that again. So if I can help you this time, it would be a great "payback"

So as I see things, it would be necessary for Roundcube to be able to select the server according to the username given automagically. I don't have a DB dump of a v3 database at hand, but I think there has to be a connection between the mail user account and it's corresponding mailserver somewhere (has to, as ISPConfig has to know which server to make changes to mailpasswords or sth).

So I suppose the trick would be for roundcube to not only connect to the server, but make an additional SQL query and select the corresponding mailserver and then connect with it. My guess is, one would add a patch or an addon for roundcube for that. I have to look into the roundcube plugins, if that is doable via plugins or if it requires some codebase hack. Would the second be a problem? If I would do it via hacking the code I would supply some .patch file or sth alike.


I had a quick look on the Roundcube site and found:
That is a plugin for the authentication process to rewrite user names (email-address) to Confixx users names. So as RC allows plugins to hook into the authentication process, I think that shouldn't be a big problem to write one, that makes a SQL call to the ISPConfig DB and selects the correct server.

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