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I thought the setting "Individual Error Pages" allows the customer to use his own error pages - but if the setting in the vhosts is always the same (and the error pages are obviously in the customer's web path) then the customer is always able to use his own error pages... Where is the difference when I enable/disable the setting?

If you enter individual error pages, the default files where replaced by your custom files
Replaced by which pages? Server global "custom" error pages? This would mean that there are exactly 2 kinds of different error pages - where is the use of that? What happens if I check/uncheck this option on a running site? Will the error pages be replaced?

I expected that, when enabling this option, the customer has the possibility to define his individual error pages - and when it's disabled, he just hasn't. But, obviously, he currently always has
At least me doesn't want every customer to have his own error pages.
As far as I remember this is also the interpratation of "individual error pages" used in most server configuration software suites.

I'd suggest sth. like the following:

Individual Error Pages on:
Alias /error/ "/var/www/web1/web/error/"
Individual Error Pages off:
Alias /error/ "/home/admispconfig/error/"
This way you could achieve this behaviour pretty easy. What do you think about that?
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