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Originally Posted by till
Pointing a domain to another server is a normal situation that can be handled without manual configuration at all.
Hmm, maybe you didn't understand the question or i don't understand your reply

I don't want a domain name to be poiting to another server. I want to offer users free forum registration and their address would be for example:
but if user wanted their own domain name for forum instead of using the above, he would simply buy that domain name and '' would change to '' and forum will stay on the same server!

Thing is that with each new user registration, no new users are created on linux part, only DB's in MySQL for forum and they all use 1 forum engine.
Creating virtual hosts manually would fix this simply by poiting TO or some sort of redirection ON THE SAME SERVER, right? I don't know any other way of doing this..

I hope its clearer what i want.. Multi forums with ability to use domain name instead of our default address..
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