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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
What i explain above is functioning fine already.
Here is my RC login screen. As you can see, i have a dropdown list. As you can see i have 6 mailservers (each ISPConfig3). What the client has to do is: login with its username and password and choose the mailserver (1-6). If you need an example of the RoundCube file i can post it here for you.
I think I know what you meant. You have 6 different mail servers, all running ISPConfig 3 and configured via a central ISPConfig instance, right? So what you would need for RC to work would be to automatically select the according server to the given user.

User xyz_abc logs in - his account is on server 5, so mailserver 5 would be selected.
User abc_123 logs in - her account is on server 2.

Am I suspecting that right?
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