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Default Make the installer a bit more forviging


Am installing ISPConfig on another FC4 server (already installed it on another successfully) and this is the 7th time I've had to rm -rf the home/admispconfig and root/ispconfig due to typos in the mysql password, typing the wrong IP address, that kinda thing.

So, my suggestion is that if the install script throws an error, instead of just saying "Your install failed, you'll need to do it again", that it prompts and says "that value didn't work, please try it again".

For example if when its asking for the DB username and password details if I type the password wrong, instead of saying "error could not connect to DB, install failed" it says "error could not connect to DB" and then asks for the DB server, username and password again.

Would make the installer a bit more forgiving and save having to wait for the whole thing to recompile over again!

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