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Originally Posted by falko
Then the problem probably was that your router amd your other computers were in the 192.168.1.x subnet, but your server had the IP which is a different subnet. You should have used then, for example.
Heyyy man........ first off thanks for taking the time to answer this silly problem of mine.
You were just right that was the original problem, even though when I thought about it, I never wanted to do it that way 'cause in my mind was to follow all your steps exactly as u said it.
I knew that this was an example and one should always change the values to the real life one's. Sometimes I use my feet to think and my mind to complain .
Thanks a lot again and sure... it worked just fine

Kind Regards.

Luis C. Suárez.

PS. 10 years ago I lived in Hamburg (for around 2 years or so) and I go back every once in a while. I will not promise anything but if I have the chance I hope I can invite u & Till a couple of beers in a München style Bar.
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