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Default ISPconfig 3 with Ubuntu 9.04 Jauntix

I followed the guide on your website to install ISPconfig 3 on my VPS server and everything went fine except im not able to access ISPconfig using my domain name or IP address.

Please help me configure my Domain with my VPShosting.
I have only the IP address of the VPShosting and nothing else like cname etc.
The domain was bought from

My VPS is unmanaged and the company is not offering any kind of help.

from here on "" == replaced with my original domain name
I bought this domain from yahoo and used A-Record of the domain to point it to my VPS server's IP address

When I was following your guide used "" instead of and everything went fine.

when i type
hostname -f
I get

can anyone help me redirect my domain and help me access my ISP install.

The hosting company told me install bind (named) to get my domain pointing right.
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