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Gaming you say.... i dont normally suggest this, but if you are having BIG problems and you can transferr all of the data and to start using Damn Small Linux (it has GREAT device configuration[the best i believe, or you could go to CentOS]) i suggest that you use cdega OR crossover office. Since you are a collage student and all, you should know of the usefull tools of Bittorent.... i shall say no more. And as for the sound cards, it looks as if other people have been having problems

Well there is a way, ive been researching
From what ive seen, nvidia is broken with the 2.6 kernels. There isnt a workaround yet, but people are working at it, all it really requires is getting the various binary packages working with fedora (and since fedora ships with ALSA, well alsa) I suggest to go down to the 2.5 kernel OR to use this experimental gentoo kernel (see other people have been working on it)

Try those if they dont work, post you're problems (and if you have qualms about the bittorent thing, cdega is free for those who want to build the packages them selves)
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