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Well actually I built this system myself a little over a year ago I ordered the parts i wanted from etailers and put it all together when it arrived. I had wanted a mostly windows gaming system, and i wasn't really satisified with what i could buy at Dell or HP etc. I realized I could more of what I wanted buy building it myself, so i did. At the begining of this school semester I started taking an intro to unix class (which is ironically taught on Fedora core Linux), and I've really started liking it alot. I decided to use the hdd from the old system for a Linux build, and I found that Debian seemed to be the best match for my system, so here I am, and now i want to see what I can do with this gaming wise, and we'll see from there
Hmm wonder if I shoulda posted this somewhere else Ah well. Anyways, I'll just have to keep hitting the net and try to figure this out.
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